Crippled Independence

Note to self – nostalgia and existential queries come in abundance when you clean out your wardrobe. In this case, it was while watching my brother clean out his.. but that’s beside the point. While he gingerly removed the chunky parts of a once-popular game called ‘Battleship’, it got me to reminisce about a time when technology was not our right hand. Growing up as a 90’s kid, I can describe myself as someone who is weary and appreciative of technology at the same time. Even now, when it comes to writing the first draft for any article, my instinct takes me to pen and paper but I sure as hell know and acknowledge the value of spell-check (more than I would like to admit).

However, we have had to pay a heavy price for befriending this sophisticated, know-it-all and ambitious friend that has an uncanny ability to keep upgrading itself. And that is – the inability to disconnect. Recently, Apple has faced flak for creating products that are “too addictive”. Am i misguided in thinking that when it comes to decisions regarding how we use our time, the ball is in our court? But for all those who need assistance disconnecting from technology – don’t despair – the cry for help has been heard, processed and appropriate technologies are coming soon.. in gadgets near you. There is a start-up that is building a smartphone that is only capable of sending and receiving calls. Right, dumb down the technology… brownie points for a viable solution. Or another start-up that’s taking the high road to use addictive technology in health and education applications. I am not sure how I feel about our vulnerabilities being exploited.

The advent in technology has woven anxiety into the human fabric. With the frantic pace we need to keep up right from the time we get up – getting the latest news on our phone, to booking an Uber for work, tracking the Uber while at the same time completing our latest purchase on Amazon, posting an image of an absolutely delectable butter toast on Instagram, clocking in ten minutes on on our meditation app..gotta make it to the intermediate level!

The only solution to the mayhem is to go back to the basics. Start relying on our instincts a little more. Listen to our bodies on how much water we need to drink and how many hours of sleep we need to catch instead of using apps? We are the product of millions of years of evolution, let’s give ourselves some credit!