5 Reasons Why Cats Would Make Awesome Brand Ambassadors

“You can teach a cat anything… anything that it wants to do.”

I think the above statement sums up perfectly as to why people hate as well as fawn over cats. Their aloof and distant nature has created a catFans scale – our perception ranging from extremely hostile all the way to adorable enigmas. Having been a canine lover for most part of my life, it is only recently that I find myself quite fascinated with the feline.On observing them closely, it struck me that cats would make great brand ambassadors and here are the reasons why –

They are Brand Conscious

Of their own brand that is. Every time that I go to feed the cat in my apartment complex, he circles me and marks his scent while showing clear disapproval of my taste in skin-care products.. as if to say “Geez. How many times do I have to dowse you in my one of a kind meow-nificent scent. My unique blend of mud, mice and everything nice.” They market their scent to the point of giving free samples to pretty much everything and everywhere in their vicinity.


If there is any creature that embodies poise and grace, it is the cat. Cats would find themselves at ease at a high-tea event or an upscale fund raiser. With a steady gaze, stoic expression and a tail that is wrapped around their front paws in an exact and calculated manner, they are the epitome of good deportment. I find it ironic that as a human – the pinnacle of evolution, walking a mere 100 meters with my limbs in coordinated motion is a big ask!

They are always well groomed

Cats spend a significant portion of their lives preening themselves. And the other significant portion catching up on their beauty sleep. I would imagine that they would be any photographers’ dream photoshoot – with their fastidious attention to appearance and fur that is always slick and gelled.


Cats could probably pull off any brand seamlessly. Courtesy of their mood swings. From being playful to downright lazy, loving to outright hostile, keen and aware to sluggish, dominating to fearful – it is so bewildering that such a small package of fur can be so dynamic (bordering on some personality disorders?).


Cats display loyalty in every facet of their life .. except to their owners of course. Being highly territorial creatures, they like to stick to their comfort zones – quite literally. PR agents would get sound sleep if they represented these creatures of habit. No impulsive outbreaks and messy scandals to clean up after. What a relief that must be!

Write up a contract for your neighbourhood kitty? Yes paw-lease!