Gnomes and Centaurs over Rainbows.

Dear Readers,

Conventional wisdom will tell you to fight for what you want and until recently I believed it quite fervently as well. This Saturday, I felt like challenging conventional wisdom. I guess it’s becoming something of a habit. Honestly, if you really have to fight for something, it probably doesn’t have a place in your life anyway. Here’s a rule of thumb -unless what you’re fighting for is the last trace of Nutella with your sibling, it probably isn’t worth fighting for.

I guess it’s only fair to explain the context for my new-found attitude. I recently turned 25 and while I am cognizant of the fact that no one’s going to come knocking at my door for pearls of wisdom, I still believe that 25 brought with it an insight or two. For lack of a better word, turning 25 was *bleh*. I woke up with a throbbing headache from the night before. My body was clearly sending me signals that it’s done putting up with whiskey and vodka in one night. It was 7 in the morning and my first instinct was to clean my room. Yes, that’s right – clean my room. If you ever find yourself wondering when you became so ancient… I assure you it’s the day when you voluntarily wake up to clean your room. After tidying up my humble abode, I was struck by a series of consecutive adulting attacks. Two hours later, with my laundry done and room presentable enough, I started to show the first signs of normalcy and started getting excited about making plans for the day – plans that did not involve any more cleanliness drives, just fyi. My birthday happened to fall on the day just after and mid-term exams. It was the first time in months that we were able to relax without the overwhelming feeling of guilt. But my friends took their opportunity to relax to new heights xD … with a few of them hibernating well into the afternoon. As the time ticked by, my frustration grew exponentially and my plans withered away to a distant hope. Don’t get me wrong, I have some of the sweetest friends… but friends who love their sleep unconditionally none the less! Anyway… long story short, the day ended alright. We did eventually drag our lazy asses to the city and fill our bellies with sumptuous Japanese food. If you think that was an anti-climactic end to the day please read the part where I started my day with cleaning and laundry-ing, nothing about the day was building up to a climax anyway, ok?

What does this rant about my birthday have to do with my initial premise? Quite a bit actually. It struck me that the only disappointment we ever face is the resistance we put up to all that comes our way. It’s this annoying notion that has been drilled into our head since the inception of time – “fight for what you want”. Most of us squander through life knowing jack shit about what we want anyway.

If you’re fighting for someone to stay, it’s most likely that they’re the puzzle piece you assumed to be as part of the rainbow. Let them go, because I hope your puzzle’s interesting… filled with Gnomes and Centuars and what have you. If you’re fighting to push someone away, they’re likely the piece you fit right at the end – just let them be. They’ll complete the picture eventually. Lastly, if you’re fighting to change the puzzle altogether… please don’t. Gnomes and Centaurs over rainbows, any goddamn day.

Yours – hoping to be a part of at least some of your puzzles,


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