The Organic Fetish

To varying degrees, most urban dwellers living in the 21st century are familiar with some form of “organic branding” doing the rounds. Well, when the air you breathe is toxic, we’ll buy any promise of a healthier lifestyle.. even if the price is hard to digest! We all know those classic signs of organic packaging.. made with paper and concealed in hues of earthy greens and browns. Long before you dare to flip the packet, you know you would be paying a premium- six times over its inorganic equivalent.


Let’s question the what, why, how, when etc. etc. of organic food. It is essentially about eliminating synthetic chemicals.. right from offensive-sounding pesticides used to grow fruits and vegetables to the hormones and antibiotics that are force fed to poultry and livestock. Consuming organic food is about damage control.. restoring something natural in our otherwise unnatural lifestyle – fast food, fast cars, substance abuse, fast-paced careers – it won’t come as a surprise to me if we turn out to be genetically modified organisms ourselves!

So now that we have established that in order to maintain some balance in the chemical soup that we humans are, we need to consume produce that does not amplify the toxins within us. With this as the premise, let us explore further, because, with an increase in awareness, comes an exponential increase in confusion. Earlier, you were considered health conscious if you avoided saturated fats. Now, sulphurless sugar, fish that has just the right amount of omega-3 acids and organic milk are just some of the basic considerations one needs to keep in mind. Oh man, how far have we come from the days when corfe_2oca-cola was advertised as a brain tonic!

I can’t tell whether the organic mania is here to stick or not but like any trend it’s quite clear that the population will always be divided into three portions – the ones that give a damn, ones that create an opportunity from those that do give a damn and the ones that watch on with great amusement at every passing trend.



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